23 May 2017

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Since [personal profile] kjorteo and [personal profile] xyzzysqrl were kind enough to point out the fact that it exists to me, I decided to upgrade my copy of AM2R to the version with Random+ on it.

The only way I can describe the randomization I've been dealt is "Richter in the Inverted Castle." I can dish out a lot of pain and move around like crazy, but if something so much as sneezes on me I'm toast. Case in point, here's where I'm at equipment-wise after making a quick "THANK GOD I FINALLY GOT ONE" save in the Hydro Station area:

As you can see, I am loaded out the ass on weapons and mobility: I got the Spazer and Space Jump stupidly early, and just recently picked up the Ice Beam. Additionally, I have a quartet of Super Missiles (which has resulted in numerous encounters with Alpha Metroids ending before the "Du-nu-NAAH!" fanfare is even done), and 4 Power Bombs...but you'll notice that I don't have the regular Bombs yet.

This has made things interesting, frustrating, and precarious. On more than 1 occasion now I've had to restart simply because I've trapped myself in an area that you have to use Bombs to get into and, more importantly, out of. Additionally, it seems regular Bombs have something Power Bombs don't: recoil. With neither Bombs, Spider Ball, nor Spring Ball to help, traversing Morph Ball tunnels has occasionally proven impossible. (EDIT: I have since learned that it's possible to just stand up and, by spin-jumping forward, climb into a ledge that's 1 block higher...came in useful when I tried leaving the Hydro Station and thought I was gonna have to restart!)

...Oh, and the "THANK GOD I FINALLY GOT ONE" from earlier? That's referring to my one Energy Tank. Avoiding damage has proven to be a necessity in this shake-up, as I found out when the laser-spewing statue head that stops you when you're leaving the Golden Temple killed me. The rematch was spent relearning the patterns for its attacks and how to dodge them (as well as relearning that holding both the angle-up and angle-down buttons allows you to fire straight up while crouched...very useful). The re-rematch was spent killing the bastard with only 8 damage to my name.

The fragility was not helped by the fact that the area where the Varia Suit should have been was home to the Hi-Jump Boots instead...which, I'll remind you, I found after the Space Jump.

It's putting an interesting vibe on the game, that's for certain.

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