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Since [personal profile] kjorteo and [personal profile] xyzzysqrl were kind enough to point out the fact that it exists to me, I decided to upgrade my copy of AM2R to the version with Random+ on it.

The only way I can describe the randomization I've been dealt is "Richter in the Inverted Castle." I can dish out a lot of pain and move around like crazy, but if something so much as sneezes on me I'm toast. Case in point, here's where I'm at equipment-wise after making a quick "THANK GOD I FINALLY GOT ONE" save in the Hydro Station area:

As you can see, I am loaded out the ass on weapons and mobility: I got the Spazer and Space Jump stupidly early, and just recently picked up the Ice Beam. Additionally, I have a quartet of Super Missiles (which has resulted in numerous encounters with Alpha Metroids ending before the "Du-nu-NAAH!" fanfare is even done), and 4 Power Bombs...but you'll notice that I don't have the regular Bombs yet.

This has made things interesting, frustrating, and precarious. On more than 1 occasion now I've had to restart simply because I've trapped myself in an area that you have to use Bombs to get into and, more importantly, out of. Additionally, it seems regular Bombs have something Power Bombs don't: recoil. With neither Bombs, Spider Ball, nor Spring Ball to help, traversing Morph Ball tunnels has occasionally proven impossible. (EDIT: I have since learned that it's possible to just stand up and, by spin-jumping forward, climb into a ledge that's 1 block higher...came in useful when I tried leaving the Hydro Station and thought I was gonna have to restart!)

...Oh, and the "THANK GOD I FINALLY GOT ONE" from earlier? That's referring to my one Energy Tank. Avoiding damage has proven to be a necessity in this shake-up, as I found out when the laser-spewing statue head that stops you when you're leaving the Golden Temple killed me. The rematch was spent relearning the patterns for its attacks and how to dodge them (as well as relearning that holding both the angle-up and angle-down buttons allows you to fire straight up while crouched...very useful). The re-rematch was spent killing the bastard with only 8 damage to my name.

The fragility was not helped by the fact that the area where the Varia Suit should have been was home to the Hi-Jump Boots instead...which, I'll remind you, I found after the Space Jump.

It's putting an interesting vibe on the game, that's for certain.

Date: 5/24/17 00:25 (UTC)
kjorteo: Sprite of the dead "boss" and "Sorry, I'm Dead" speech balloon from Monster Party. (Sorry - I'm dead.)
From: [personal profile] kjorteo
Yeah, there's a reason I compared my experience to Dante Must Die mode in DMC; everything either died instantly or killed me instantly, pretty much depending on whether it was vulnerable to the Screw Attack (since that's what I happened to get first.)

Uh, good news is if you ever find that, you can work your way into the teleport hub and then get the Gravity Suit in its usual place, I guess?

The funniest swap for me, though, was the Spring Ball being where the Space Jump ordinarily was. Fortunately, I already had the Space Jump so the fight with Torizo was definitely still doable, but geez talk about overreacting on the most jealously guarded Spring Ball ever.

Date: 5/24/17 03:24 (UTC)
kjorteo: Screenshot from Pokemon Yellow, of a portrait of Pikachu looking unimpressed with a :< facial expression. (Pikachu: :<)
From: [personal profile] kjorteo
In my run, the Varia was the very last powerup I acquired (I want to say it was where the Ice Beam normally is, which was one of the first things I got.) Considering my run opened with the Screw Attack and so I was able to get the Gravity Suit very early, the late game Varia was like "Uh, thanks, but... *open menu, switch back*"

Date: 5/24/17 16:15 (UTC)
kjorteo: Screenshot from Dragon Warrior, of the ruined town of Hauksness. (Hauksness)
From: [personal profile] kjorteo
Yeah, my random run definitely made me appreciate Bombs more. Half the world finally opened up when I had them. I mean, yeah, obviously it would, but normally you get them so early that you don't even notice the difference. Something about the random run with no earthquakes and access to later areas, but with just one single Power Bomb to my name, really made me feel what it was like not to have them, though.

It was also the first time I treated Energy Tanks and the defense buff part of the Gravity Suit as utility items just as much as the "can move around in water" part; there were several areas I literally could not progress, like just as much a hard "nope, come back later" lock as a Super Missile door when you don't have Super Missiles yet, because even so much as a Gamma Metroid literally killed me in two hits and... well... I can't take down a Gamma without taking two hits.

Really, I tried, a lot, because I refused to accept for the longest time that enemies were an equally impassible "come back later" roadblock as Space Jump/Spider Ball areas or whatever. Surely it's not a literal "have to come back later" roadblock when you can always just get better at the fight, is it? But... well, turns out they definitely can be.

(Especially since I also had early access to an area whose routes included a room with two Gammas, a room with five Alphas, and a room with a Zeta. Uh... no.)

Thus, the difference before and after getting the Gravity Suit in this run almost felt like the difference it made in Zero Mission with the space pirates, honestly.

Date: 5/24/17 19:56 (UTC)
kjorteo: Sprite of the dead "boss" and "Sorry, I'm Dead" speech balloon from Monster Party. (Sorry - I'm dead.)
From: [personal profile] kjorteo
Arachnus straight up dies in one hit to a Power Bomb and gives a rather gruesome Crocomire-esque melting reaction when it does. I did that by complete accident; I scanned it and remembering it was the "oh, right, bomb it into the electrified walls" boss while forgetting that I didn't have Bombs, so I rolled up and planted a... wait, that wasn't what I meant to... oh. Oh. Oh, I think I won? I... whoa. I, uh, I didn't mean to kill... I mean I guess technically I did, but not... uh... well that was awkward.

I actually find Zetas and Omegas easier to deal with than Gammas and Alphas--in fact, it might just be perfectly inverse sequence order (I'd rather deal with an Omega than a Zeta than a Gamma than an Alpha). This is because the later two are grounded and have reliable Punch Out-like "dodge the attack and then it'll be open for a counterattack" states, while the earlier two are just erratic spheres that are only vulnerable on one side and you have to lure them upward and then back down and try to line up a shot before they move even though they're almost always moving (especially Alphas) and....

Granted, this assumes I have the Gravity Suit/Super Missiles/Energy Tanks sufficient to deal with each. Early game I can take out an Alpha if I don't get too unlucky with its flight pattern but obviously I'm not doing anything against a Zeta or Omega.

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