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Shortly after my last post, I continued on a quest to find some more E-Tanks in order to be able to hopefully survive the battle with the Torizo, the Chozo Statue that guards what is normally the Space Jump but was in my case the Varia Suit.

What I got instead was the Screw Attack, which allowed me to pull the same sequence break [personal profile] kjorteo pulled to go get the Gravity Suit, the only powerup whose location isn't randomized. I also found 2 more E-Tanks and the Spider Ball in the process, making survivability and, more importantly, tube navigation less of a hassle.

As a result, the battle with the Torizo was
A) a piece of cake
and B) a complete waste of time. XD

Still, it was nice to no longer be in "every enemy in One Punch Man" mode anymore. In fact, it wound up getting me a bit arrogant, as I decided to go after more challenging enemies, specifically Serris, which normally guards the Ice Beam.

And that's where I finally found the damn Bombs, thus ending my trappings and restarts and taking so much tension off the replay that it was ridiculous. It's funny how missing out on one of the most basic powerups in a game can change how you play it so much.

Continuing on, I took a detour surface-side to the GFS Thoth, figuring that with 5 E-Tanks, 160 missiles, 10 Super Missiles, and 10 Power Bombs, I could take on Genesis no problem.

Long story short: Nope.

Also, I think I found a glitch: In a cave far to the left of the Thoth is a small room that's supposed to have a Power Bomb sitting behind a frog enemy. All I found in there was the frog. No power-up, even though the map is indicating such.

Hrm. Oh well.

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