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My prediction was correct after all; the Zeta Metroids ended my attempt at Hard Mode.

3 attempts to defeat the first one ended in failure; not only did I get killed all 3 times, but approximately 85% of my shots were blocked, including all of my Super Missiles. None of the strategy suggestions I've read have helped. These things are simply beyond my ability and, more damningly, my patience and tolerance.

For now, my AM2R runs are once again over.

Date: 6/9/17 01:55 (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] kjorteo
You played through this game a lot more than I did--I just had the one normal 1.0 run and one randomized hard run on 1.2.6. You've definitely earned a break by this point!

Date: 6/9/17 04:39 (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] kjorteo
I think the shot blocking is just a behavior they adopt to force you into a sort of Punch-Out dodge and retaliate pattern; it's the dry shots (and by that I mean the ones you initiate out of nowhere while they're in a neutral state) that they block. Shoot during that one or two second recovery right after they jump and land, or while they're breathing fire, and they go right through.

I want to say that even on Hard the Omegas are dramatically easier than they used to be on Normal as far as going down quickly without having an impossible amount of health (six or seven Super Missiles should do it, if memory serves) but that's because my first/normal run was on 1.0. I don't know my version history well enough to know if they'd been nerfed yet by 1.1, which is the one you would know.

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