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For the past few nights I've been having another "dream sequence," where each dream follows the previous one in an episodic manner.

The first one had me, one of my IRL co-workers, and a few other people as agents for a counter-cyberterrorism group, on a submarine hanging outside the underwater base of the world's biggest group of cybercriminals. We were monitoring their activity, thwarting it where we could with our own hacking skills, and working out what they were up to. It became apparent shortly before I woke up (far too early, for the record) that they were tracking some of the world's most prominent political and business leaders. Our conclusion was that they were planning assassinations.

The second night, I was on special assignment ground-side, scoping out the areas these people were going to be. Using a mock sniper rifle as reference, I found a number of places where potential assassins could get clear shots that nobody would have ever thought to even try, including one involving sticking the barrel through a rivet hole in a locker in a school locker room.

My actions caught the attention of the FBI, who detained me for questioning. Their attitudes quickly softened after I gave all the intel I'd gathered, a phone call from my superiors, and an all-too-late realization that the "assassination tool" I'd been carrying around all this time was in fact an Airsoft gun that wouldn't have been able to kill anything bigger than a squirrel, they let me go.

Last night had me back on the sub, where we had been cleared to infiltrate the enemy base and take their communications network down. We somehow managed to dock to the underbelly of their base without alerting them, opening a path for our people to get in. I headed down to our computer lab to get orders from my team...when I saw my co-worker talking with the leader of the cybercriminal group. I demanded to know what was going on, and he pointed out that he, and most of the rest of my team, were actually double-agents who had been diverting the agency's attention from the true objective.

Turns out they weren't just cybercriminals, they were aliens...specifically, Inhumans. My dream sequence had just segued into the Marvel Cinematic Universe; the agency I was working for this whole time was S.H.I.E.L.D, and these guys were using the computer systems of the world, via the network interconnectivity left abandoned with the Framework collapsed and the dimensional portal tech devised via the Darkhold, to instigate a worldwide Inhuman invasion in order to conquer humanity and claim Earth for themselves. The two of them, plus 4 other members of the team who were traitors, gave me the ultimatum: Join them or die with the rest of humanity.

I went with Option #3 by grabbing his computer by the power cord and swinging it at them like a wrecking ball. Six solid hits on the chin with a heavy piece of technology led to six necks snapping in rapid succession, which was immediately followed by me being surrounded by six dead bodies. Sadly, while I'd succeeded in dispensing justice on them for betraying their oaths and the whole world, it left me with no time to stop their dimensional portal from opening. Soon, a broadcast was sent out all over the world by the leader of the Inhuman invasion force, letting us all know one thing very clearly:

Our world was theirs now.

Cut to black and me waking up.


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