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I got the results from my lab work back on the 4th today. Glucose was back to where it should be, like I knew, but the big concern was how I'd been doing on cholesterol, particularly my triglycerides.

The results were surprising, to say the least. )

So yeah, good news all around, basically.
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Glucose reading this morning, after spending the past 10+ hours fasting, was 96. I was hoping to have it below 110 on there today so that I get accurate results from the VA when I go to get a baseline reading from them...I think it's safe to say I've met that goal. :]

...Shoot, I was supposed to get going about 10 minutes ago. D:


26 Nov 2015 10:30
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My initial goal upon learning I had excessively high blood sugar was to get it down to 250 by the end of this month, and 125 by year's end.

I hit the 125 goal earlier this week, and so adjusted my end-of-year goal to get it down another 20 points to 105.

The title of this post is what my reading was this morning...It's too early to declare victory, but if I can keep it down here at least another week, until my lab at the VA next Friday, that'll be proof to me that I've got it under control.

Hopefully my triglyceride levels have nosedived along with the glucose levels...I don't expect THAT to be in the healthy range (going from nearly 2000 to 150 in a month seems unrealistic), but if I've gotten it down to less than 1000 I'll consider that good progress...less than 500 I'll be quite happy.

In the meantime, simple curiosity may finally be adding some veggies to my diet, get more dietary fiber in my system to help flush other stuff out of it...I find myself wanting to try out bell peppers (now that I know they aren't spicy) and some grilled zucchini, since the latter looks just like grilled chicken.

Then again, considering my primary issue with veggies has always been texture (particularly the soft, soggy stuff like canned spinach...blick), I figure that if it's sliced thin enough, seasoned ever so slightly, and slapped on the grill for a few minutes, I might be able to get myself to eat any kind of veggie...but let's take this one step at a time.
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Why do Toriel and Sans enjoy telling skeleton jokes so much?

Because they find them rather...


You were expecting a "humerus/humorous" pun there, weren't you? Well, guess what...


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Just a little something I felt like posting about my fursona's species. Thought you might enjoy some of them. :D

1) The spot of discolored fur on an Aereon's tail actually covers something: a hole! As shown in this just-for-fun Mega Evolution pic I did, the larger, denser bone at the end of their tail has a hole in it. This lets air flow through the Aereon's tail when swinging it at a predator, allowing for greater swinging speed and, thus, a more powerful impact. They have also been shown to be able to grasp small objects, like rocks and sticks, with their tails because of this; it is believed they learned to do this to assist in preening their wings.

2) Aereons can channel the natural energies around them through their bodies and expel it in concentrated, forceful bursts. By channeling through their wings, they can produce blasts of searing heat to ward off predators, or use it to increase their air or land speed; the fastest running speed of an Aereon recorded to to date is over 35 miles per hour, along with a top flying speed of over 45 mph and a top diving speed that tipped the scales at over 120! Perhaps the most astonishing use of this ability, however, comes from when they channel those energies through a special organ near their larynx, known as the drachenzunge ("Dragon's Tongue" in German); the energy blasts that they can release can knock out predators more than 5 times their size in an instant, and can set off a devastating pressure wave underwater.

3) An Aereon's diet is pescetarian; while they generally enjoy small fruits and vegetables, their primary food source is fish. The "pressure wave" technique mentioned above is one of their primary hunting tactics, with a single burst being enough to knock out dozens in an instant. This is also why they have such fast diving abilities; a preferred hunting tactic is to dive down at a school of fish in a group, with the lead Aereon unleashing a "pressure wave" to knock them out. The rest of the pack scoops a few of the fish up, with the lead and those who didn't get one looping up through the air and back down again to grab their meal.

4) A family of Aereons is called a cluster. A group of 2 or more clusters is called a mess. Male, female, and child Aereons are called drakes, wyrms, and whelps, respectively.

5) (This fact only applies to Aereons found in Pokemon-centric realities) Trying to catch an Aereon with any kind of a Pokeball is impossible. Aside from how the natural energies they channel through their bodies interfere with a Pokeball's capture technology, their reflexes and powerful tail strikes will almost guarantee that throwing a Pokeball at one of them will get it launched right back at you. There have been unconfirmed reports of Pokemon Trainers attempting to catch an Aereon only to catch themselves instead! (But, again, these are unconfirmed.)

6) Aereons squeak when they get the hiccups!

7) Aereons do not like spicy food. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO FEED ONE ANYTHING SPICY. It won't hurt them or anything, but they may wind up hurting you for being such a jerk to them.

8) The Aereon mating ritual is a somewhat violent one. To show that they will be able to protect their mate and their offspring, a male Aereon trying to woo a female will seek out a large predator and attack it, attempting to drive it away in a show of force. Success generally leads to whelps a few months later...failure generally leads to being mauled to death by the predator. :[

9) Aereons raise their young in areas near vegetation and water. Owners of farms, orchards, and fisheries claim that having a cluster (or even a full-blown mess) living nearby is a sign of good fortune; not only do they drive off larger threats to their crops and catches, but it's taken as a sign of said food being of good quality!


And that's that!
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After a somewhat embarrassing revelation about that last key I was looking for was hiding (thanks again to [livejournal.com profile] ravenworks for inadvertently assisting me), I took on and defeated the Silent Void, completing my run at David's masterpiece.

I said earlier today that the feeling of conquering the "Leaky Pocket" challenges at long last would be better than the feeling of achieving 100% completion.

Boy was I wrong. :D
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Today was an unquestionably good day for me in this game. The biggest bane of my CT2 experience, the Leaky Pocket challenges, were finally dealt with, all of the items in all stages were gathered, and every boss save for the Silent Void (this includes Megacarrot) has been defeated.

The only thing standing between me and 100% completion: 1 of the 25 keys.

As all 20 in the stages have been located, that tells me that it must be hidden in Music Castle itself.

The ones I have found there:
-The one used to show you what keys look like, under Luminous Towers A.
-The one on the ledge in the Walled Garden area, dropped down to from Azure Cliffs C.
-The one under Megacarrot, which you have to use the Launch spell and purposefully smash your head into the ceiling to reach.
-...And one whose location I can't recall.

I've searched Music Castle high and low, going through every spot I can think of multiple times, but I can't find the damned thing.

David, please...where is it? I'm starting to go a bit stir-crazy trying to find this damned thing. D:
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...Yeah, I'm 33 today. Still haven't managed to fix my animatronic counterpart's faulty wiring, so for right now I'm keeping the celebration to a minimum to keep him from activating again. :/
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After my last commission, I figured I'd be off of drawing and/or image editing for quite a while.

Boy, was I wrong.

It couldn't be helped, I suppose...I'd had the mental image in my head for days after pulling off the instant-win ability of Ghostrick Angel of Mischief; I was trying to work out how exactly her having 10 Xyz Material could correlate to a win. How does a punk-goth magical girl one-shot a guy?

The answer my brain came up with was "she fires a heart-shaped death ray." So I drew that, colored it, made a background, and, well...

This happened. XD

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I woke up a few minutes ago to quite a startle. While the truth of the matter was that the old paint was being scraped off the frame of my window to allow fresh paint to be put on later today, with the blackout curtain up I only had the sound to work with...and it sounded to me more like a moose had walked up (stepladder's feet clanking on concrete sounded like hooves) and was trying to bash its own reflect in or scrape its antlers off or something.

Especially spooky when you're half-asleep still...which, to be honest, I still am, so I may be weirded out by this post later.
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Normally on Sunday nights, I go down to Tier 1, a local hobby shop, to hang out with friends and play Yu-Gi-Oh!.

Tonight, though, I opted to go to a baseball game between the Anchorage Glacier Pilots and the Mat-Su Miners instead.

This choice, along with my choice to grab a soda at the top of the 5th, almost put me in the hospital tonight; a foul ball came streaking almost straight down and hit the ground about 5-6 inches from me. O_o;;

As if I didn't have reason enough not to like Carl's Jr., now they're sponsoring impromptu meteor strikes.
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A sketch of my OC Willexia, inspired by some classic rock music. WARNING: Pure cheesecake. Nothing explicit, just really damned close.
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Link to image
(WARNING: NSFW - Image contains about the same level of nudity you'd find in classical artwork.)

Commissioned by [livejournal.com profile] kjorteo
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I got, and completed, my first art commission today...a bit nerve-wracking at first thanks to the added self-induced pressure to make it right, but all in all it was rather enjoyable.

...And it just now occurred to me that I should probably consider signing my work in some way. Hrm.
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