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An M1A2 Abrams tank and a crew of friends to help run it. For zombies at a distance, you've got the 120mm main cannon. For zombies at medium range, you've got the 50-cal and 308 machine guns. For zombies at close range....well, I'm sure you're all familiar with the concept of roadkill. Rising from the grave is one thing, but you are not recovering from becoming street pizza.
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3 come to mind for me.

When my dad was stationed in Antigua...I think I was about 3 at the time...our neighbor lady, Trudy, made an adorable little patchwork dragon for my mom. I was hooked on it almost immediately, playing with it constantly and going to sleep clutching it tight every night. Eventually, though, the poor thing just got too worn out to hold itself together, and I had to say goodbye to my most cherished childhood possession.

Flash forward about 15 years to a Denny's in DC. After paying for my meal, I decided to try my luck with the claw machine by the entrance. After 3 failed attempts, my last chance paid off, grabbing a rather silly looking yellow frog with black rings & dots all over him. I thought it was rather adorable and decided to keep it, simply calling it "Frog."

A few months later, at Katsucon, a DC-area anime convention, I picked up a plushie of Kirara, the two-tailed firecat from Inuyasha.

The two have been with me ever since, sitting in various places of honor about my rooms, with Kirara serving as my official con-badge holder and Frog...well, just continuing to look rather silly and make me wonder why I like him so darned much.
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[Error: unknown template qotd] Nope. Still doesn't do anything to change what flavors of food I like or how much my stomach can handle. Getting away with eating 50 steaks calorie-wise doesn't change the fact that I wouldn't be getting away with it bowel-wise, and that...just doesn't sound pleasant.

Besides, who am I to trust a genie? Somehow, someone able to fit inside of a lamp doesn't sound like the kind of person you go to for weight-management advice.

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