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My doc suggested I bring my blood sugar screenings down from 2/week to 1/week since I apparently had it so well under control.

These are my readings from 2 weeks ago, last week, and 20 minutes ago.

The reason for the sudden 60-point spike? Being on full-time at work had the unintended consequence of having no time to cook meals at home and instead having to eat more at work...which meant hitting the vending machines twice as much as usual.

The moment I got that 141 reading, I had an epiphany I was kicking myself for not having before: make a sandwich, slice it in half (added bonus: I now have a use for my Ulu!), and take it to work each day.

The fact that 1 week of doing this undid 78% of the damage done, and got me back to normal glucose levels, is good, but at the same time, this is a stark reminder for me that just because I have my glucose levels under control does NOT mean my diabetes is gone. I stop working to control it, it's gonna come right back to bite me in the ass.

...I wonder how long it'll be before I have to re-learn this. Well, we'll see.

Date: 2/16/17 18:24 (UTC)
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That's incredible that (what I would think as) such a small difference makes that much of a jump. Sounds like you're doing great :)

Zbawiciela. uchodzic Przestancie.

Date: 2/23/17 04:15 (UTC)
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