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It won't be difficult; you'll basically be performing this trick on yourself.

All it takes is any regular deck of poker cards. No jokers, no instruction cards, just the standard supplies for a game of 52-Pickup.

First step... )
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I've had dreams that make up modifications to games like Doom and such before, but...Battleship? Really?

Anyway, apparently my mind decided to come up with a new way of playing that game:

-Each turn, you get as many shots as you have ships left. (This much is actually an accepted official game mode, called "Salvo")
-If you have more ships left than your opponent, your first X shots (X being the difference) are randomly decided by percentile dice: the 10s dice determines the letter coordinate (1=A, 2=B, ... 0=J) with the 1s determining the number (1=1, 2=2, ... 0=10). For example, if you have 5 ships and your opponent has 3, your first 2 shots will be randomized with the last 3 being where you like.
-If you sink an opponent's ship and still have a shot left, your next shot is randomized as above.
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To quote Seras from Hellsing Abridged Ultimate: Oh fuck the hell yes.

This extension of the opening of "Left Foot Trapped in a Sensual Seduction" from the Hellsing OVA literally just took a few days worth of stress and edge off me in the matter of 5 minutes. If this were any higher grade ear-porn I would NSFW tag this post.

Seriously, give it a listen. My ears haven't thanked me this much since that live playing of Gessekai that Buck-Tick did...in fact, you know what? Once you're done with the previous video, give this one a listen too:

You're welcome.
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Forgot to post this after it showed up in the mail a few weeks back! Sorry 'bout that.

Picked up this con badge from BaconGrease at Furpocalypse.
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Which is a way of saying I fixed an error in the audio. XP

Doing this with David at RMFC 2016 was a blast. :D
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A goofy 2-second snippet I made from the final sequence of Team Four Star's "Abridged Series" parody of the bloody-as-hell vampire anime Hellsing Ultimate. The original series is fairly bloody, the parody is still fairly bloody and can be downright offensive sometimes, but all in all it was absolutely hilarious. To be as non-spoilery as possible, in the scene I took this from, Alucard is playing Dr. Oz to a number of souls to help them find peace...with this snippet summarizing his interactions with roughly 1/3 of them.

I should point out that Abridged!Alucard is absolutely crass.

Hellsing Ultimate is owned by Kouta Hirano and Studio Madhouse, and licensed by Geneon, Madman Entertainment, Manga Entertainment, and Funimation.

Hellsing Ultimate Abridged is a fan-based parody thereof made by Team Fourstar. Support their fanmade release by supporting the official release.

That being said, my apologies if this offends anyone.

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A few minutes ago I did a tarot reading on myself, looking for some insight into where my life is right now and where it's going.

What I interpreted from it was that, despite how positive and certain I may portray myself to be, I can't ignore the fact that I've been coming out of a dark area in my life...my continuing phobia over the constant aftershocks, the still-healing wounds on my soul from that bad breakup over a decade ago, trust issues I still have with people in positions of authority over me, the jealousy of my loved ones' relationships...and that, as I continue to move onto a better place in my life with an ever-growing family (Sara and Caz, for example), I need to remember to not take those blessings in my life for granted, and to appreciate them more even when they're little more than an afterthought in my mind during a busy day.

So, to all of you who have enriched my life over the past 36 years, and everyone who has allowed me to enrich theirs in return...

Thank you.

(sticker by Kwik)
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I thought this was going to be a short entry like last year...nnnot so much.

Anyway.. )
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I'm still on edge since Friday's quake. Last night I finally felt comfortable sleeping in my room rather than on the couch, and I still kept sweatpants and socks on in case I needed to evac again. I've been jumpy at work; someone was moving one of the rolling barricades we use to close aisles off, and with how similar its rattling sounded to my house's...well, yeah, I had a panic attack. When an aftershock or something that remotely resembles one comes along, I flat-out freeze. My ability to drive our lift trucks to get stuff from the upper shelves, already strained by my fear of heights, is now pretty well gone because I just don't have the nerve to go...what if another shake hits while I'm 12 feet off the ground?

I still joke and post amusing stuff to friends, but more and more it's serving as a distraction to keep my mind off stuff, to keep me from thinking about those few minutes of sheer terror and all the what-ifs. But apparently the strain is still showing on my face at work. Twice now my supervisors have pulled me aside to check if I'm okay.

The annoying part is that all this is going on with my head despite the fact that, compared to most people around here, I got off easy. No damage to the house, fairly minimal cleanup...some form of survivor's guilt mixed with my anxiety issues, maybe?

The past few days have been rough. The next few weeks look to be about as rough. And I have no clue what to do about it, except jot my thoughts down here while my mind continues to dodge the issue in its myriad ways.
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Some of you might have seen news about a sizable earthquake in Anchorage...aka my hometown.

I'm okay. Power's out at the house and stuff's strewn all over the place, but that seems to be the worst of it. I'm hanging out at work right now despite not being well enough to actually work (anxiety makes me severely nauseous), but all in all I'd say I got off light all things considered.
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So yeah, the Ultra Sun post-game playthrough got derailed yet again, this time by another Pokemon game: Let's Go Eevee!


Hehehe, yep. Anyway, this post is actually a little late; I started the game on Thursday, so this is gonna be a bit of a catch-up post to bring things up to date.


And the first thing that happened... )
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CO-WORKER: “Dude…what if the government were building robot aliens to take over the world?”

ME, NOT EVEN REMOTELY FAZED BY THIS: “If the government were building them, then they would be native to Earth and, thus, not aliens.” *walks away*
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For reasons I've completely blanked on, my mind got wrapped around Rock-A-Doodle, a Don Bluth film that involves a non-toon human kid who gets turned into a cartoon cat (because reasons?) and, more pertinently, a rooster who made the sun rise at the farm he lived at with a very lively song and dance number every morning.

One day, the sun started to rise before he'd started singing. The whole farm called him out as a fraud and forced him to leave. As he's leaving, the sun, noticing its poultryesque alarm clock hadn't gone off, went back down...and stayed down, leaving the whole farm at the mercy of a sinister, carnivorous group of owls. Meanwhile, the rooster takes his musical talents and gets becomes a famous singer, getting caught up in all the glitz, glamour, and utter hell of show business. The kid-turned-cat winds up at the farm, finds out what's going on, and tries to make his way to the city to bring the rooster back. On the way the owls try to kill him, with one believing he'd succeeded by dropping him in an "adequate pipe" to drown...except it was an aquaduct pipe that went straight into town. Oops.

Anyway, long story short, the rooster returns, crows the dawn, wakes the sun up, the owls (who are morbidly photophobic to the point that flashlights had been keeping them at bay for days) either fly away in terror or die (I forget which, being a Don Bluth film it could very well be the latter), and the kid-turned-kitten apparently succumbs to wounds or something that the owls had given him for bringing the rooster back...at which point he turns back into a non-cartoon human kid.

Oh, and at some point in the movie the kitten showed a dog how to tie his shoelaces, which only became pertinent because it led to the song that played during the credits...also I'm pretty sure his "over around under and through" method doesn't actually work, but it's been about 3 years since I wore a pair of shoes with laces so what the hell do I know.


At the end of the movie everyone's happy to have the rooster back, big musical number, and all that...but two things stuck out in my mind as I was driving out to the grocery store:

1) Seeing as the sun went back down before he even got off the damned farm, you'd think ONE of them would realize OH SHIT WE WERE WRONG YOU'RE NOT A FRAUD OH GOD PLEASE COME BACK or something.

2) Considering how quickly they all excommunicated him once it appeared he was a fraud and how they skipped straight to celebrating when he made the sun rise again (I don't recall any kind of apologies or shows of thanks for him being back that were related to HIM BEING BACK), it's pretty clear to me that they were not the kinds of friends that rooster needed. They only wanted him around for his usefulness. Self-serving assholes, the lot of them.


Anyway, yeah, this is the kind of shit my brain does when I don't have anything keeping it occupied for extended periods of time. If I could build up frequent flyer miles with it I'm pretty sure I'd be able to go anywhere in the world, anytime I wanted for the rest of my life, free of charge.
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A few years ago, Eli and Celine recorded "To the Moon" and the follow-up minisodes that went with it. I'm somewhat ashamed to admit now that, at the time, I wasn't willing to watch beyond the first episode. Just off of what little I'd seen at that point, I suspected it was going to be a massive emotional rollercoaster, and at the time I didn't think I would be able to handle it. That sentiment held true until a few weeks ago; while Celine was uploading the first of the "Finding Paradise" videos, I decided that I seriously needed to just get over that hurdle already and watch, if for no other reason than to be able to talk with the rest of the group without having to dodge spoilers.


As my mantra has been the past few days regarding all of their Freebird stuff, "my mistake wasn't doubting Freebird's capacity to hurt. It was underestimating."



For all that was going on, you might have noticed I never really commented on the videos on here. That's because I was handling it a different way, livestreaming my reactions over the team's Telegram chat. The first time, with my reaction to TtM ep. 1, was purely on a whim, but apparently everyone loved seeing it, so I decided, what the heck? I kept on doing it.

...Long story short, To the Moon went from being interesting to terrifying to ripping my heart right out of my chest. Slight spoiler alert, but I don't think the sight of a bed has ever been quite that heartbreaking before, but once I realized what was going on...WHAM.

Then the minisodes came in, started out kind of adorable and making sense of the world the characters live in (I can definitely understand why some people would hate what Sigmund Corporation does so much), and then HOLY MOTHER OF GOD WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?!


Yeah, pretty much. Bird Story was kinder on its ending, though it was primarily a setup for Finding Paradise...albeit a very vague one because good lord that game did NOT pull any punches.

Oi! No spoiling things for anyone!

Anyway, main point I was getting at here is just braindumping why I never commented on any of their videos here: I already gave them my reactions, and trying to re-write all that again...especially when I'm still recovering from Mr. Freebird's Wild Ride...just seems a bit much.



At some point, yeah. May as well point out right now that, when I do, I'm not gonna bother catching any of the Ultra Beasts. My last USPE post ended with me getting my ass handed to me by the first one, so at this point I'm basically just out for one thing:


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(Based on "Driving Into the Sun" by Pepper Coyote)

(NOTE: Replace instruments with an accordion)

Riding the winds on an overseas route
Sailing due west in clandestine pursuit of new
Riches and wenches and illicit fun
I find myself sailing into the sun

Pull down my cap as the glare makes me cringe
Try to steer clear of the glaring orange
Ball of blinding white light that in my eyes has run
As I find myself sailing into the sun

Well yo ho! It has to get better
At least I can squint as I coast on along
But I will not be sunk, lads! I've only begun
As I find myself sailing into the sun

Down past my brim, the bright ball sinks too low
When Heaven be praised, for look yonder! LAND HO!
But my mirth, it would seem, had too quickly begun;
Where did the coastline go? All I see is the sun


Flotsam and jetsam and carnage surround
What's left of my ship after it ran aground
Well my seafaring days, for a time they are done
As I do repairs, swearing up at the sun

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Today was an interesting day for me.

A bunch of people I know IRL have expressed rather unfavorable opinions on furries. Like, not outright hatred, but definitely the kinds of disdain and misguided disgust that, for a while, I've been reluctant to let them in on the fact that I'm one myself.

That changed today. Maybe it was a bit of a spiritual high from Furpocalypse giving me the courage to do it. Maybe it was a chance to enlighten them to why I was always such a defender of the fandom and correcting their misconceptions.

Whatever it was, I simply came to the decision that I didn't care. Let them know the truth, consequences be damned.

So I showed up to our usual Tuesday comic shop card game meetings, using my new Eeveelution tote bag to carry my stuff and sporting my "Anatomy of a Fox" shirt. (I was considering getting the Anatomy of a Furry one instead specifically to piss these guys off, but ultimately cuteness won.) When they finally asked where I got the stuff and where I'd been, I finally let them know. Yes, I went to a furry convention over the weekend.

The one who'd been most vocal...honestly took it rather well, actually. He still doesn't understand why furries like being furries, but he was at least cool with me just doing my own thing.

1 down, a few dozen to go. XP
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