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Okay, something I need to get off my chest just for the sake of saying it, keeping my facts straight for when I have to talk about this with one of my supervisors tomorrow, and so on. Figured this was as good a place as any to get it out in the open without getting it *too* out in the open.

So long story short, I just about got smacked by the tines of a forklift at work tonight due to failures all around to follow basic safety procedures. Thank GOD this happened after the store closed for the night.

-Did not have area he was putting freight up gated off as per safety training when moving freight on/off overhead storage.
-Was driving a forklift far too fast, especially for an enclosed area.

-Did not wait for him to finish where he was before trying to get by (thought I could zip past real quick while he was putting a pallet up, figuring he'd be motionless for a good 5-6 seconds; he was faster than that).

Had he been gated off or driving at a safe pace, OR had I simply waited a few seconds for him to finish what he was doing and then get by once he left, everything would have been fine. As it is, though, the holes in the swiss-cheese slices lined up and a near-disaster slipped through them.

He blew it, I blew it, plain and simple. I was mad and freaked out about it for most of the night...y'know, for obvious reasons of HOLY HELL HE JUST ABOUT KILLED ME...but in retrospect he's not entirely at fault here.

Will just have to see how this plays out, I guess.
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