14 Jun 2017

xaq_the_aereon: No seriously, what? (AereonWTF)
4 years ago I cracked a tooth on a gumball. Got a filling put in for it.
At some point in the past year the filling fell out. As it was causing me no pain or discomfort, I made the idiotic decision to ignore it.
2 days ago I took a bite out of a slice of pizza and got the tiniest bit of food stuck in there, and it hurt like hell. That drove me to finally get it dealt with.
Yesterday I went to the dentist figuring they'd fix some cavities and replace the filling...but it turns out that, as a result of my idiotic decision, the damage had gotten so bad that I had a cavity in my jawbone below it and the tooth in front of it.

I had two options:
1) Costly surgery that my dental insurance wouldn't cover to remove a small section of my jawbone to deal with the cavity so that they could save the teeth...which was financially not an option.
2) Lose 2 teeth and, at some point down the line, get either 2 false teeth implanted or a partial denture.

So between my wisdom teeth about 15 years ago and this, I now have a gap large enough to slide my tongue through on the lower-right side of my mouth.

I should be bothered by this, but I'm...oddly okay with it, I guess? I dunno.

Still, I can now let one major part of my past rest for good; for years now my answer to "If you could change one moment in your past, what would it be?" has been to forego an AOL chat session that led me to an online relationship that took my life down a completely different path than I would've ever expected...but given how it had more positives than negatives overall and I've pretty well let go of it, I can now unequivocally say that the one thing I would change is I wouldn't buy that damned gumball.

Amazing how much impact the tiniest decisions in our lives can have. Log onto an AOL chatroom one particular night, have a life-changing encounter....buy a gumball, lose some teeth.


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